Our Services


Product Engineering Services

Outsourced Product Development

We create end to end solutions for your need in the Open source software Development stack. Product development starts with creating new ideas and then rapidly testing and prototyping them to see what works.

User Experience Design

We provide top-notch UI/UX development services. The user interaction starts from wireframes and usecases to arrive at clean design and interaction, both for web and mobile applications. We develop design patterns and do prototypes to create effective UI. A good UX/UI enables you to achieve solid business results

Technology Strategy

We work with your business to make your soution sophisticated and overtake the competition. Streamline the performance of your product to achieve higher quality.

System Integration

We work in our partner network to bring the best for our clients at faster development. We specialize in our integration framework

Data Science Services

Analytics and BI

Visualizations and Data Analytics for meaningful interpretation and business insights from your data – be it transactional, social or external data feeds.

AI and Machine Learning

New age AI/ML driven products, that combine data science capabilities to integrate predictive and machine-assisted decision making into your business.

Supply Chain Consulting

Business Value Analysis

We perform data-driven business value analysis across Sales, Customer Service, Transport and Warehouse operations, and Inventory Management to find opportunities to improve revenue, margin and cash flows.

Process and Systems Assessments

Assessments to find ways for a 10x improvement in supply chain performance. The effective approach to digitising supply chains integrates leading edge technologies such as machine learning, big data and cloud with business’s operational changes.

Why Choose Us

We bring together highly skilled techies, award-winning data scientists and business professionals to improve decision making and increase competitive advantage.