Lower your cost AND increase usable WH space!

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July 25, 2021

Instantly increase useable warehouse space by 30% using smart tech at 1/10th the cost! Read how our system achieves this and other fantastic benefits at pay-per-use costs that will pay back in a few weeks. Here are some of the aspects that contribute to such efficiencies:

Put Away anywhere! Achieve Amazon-like process efficiency and space utilisation by putting anywhere and still track 100% accurately, precisely, not possible with the traditional systems. No highfalutin tech – no IoT, Robotics, ASRS etc and hence no expensive tech gadgets. We achieve this efficiency with simple, inexpensive tech with no additional infrastructure costs. (Hint! BTW, Amazon do not use IoT and Robotics everywhere! They achieve better efficiencies even with barcode pairing, better than the legacy WMS vendors do! )

This approach straightway gives two benefits:

1. Increases useable space by 30%. We have proven this at scale at a large UK Garden centre operations.

2. Due to system intelligence, the need for leaving human walking space is minimised, adding to useable storage space.

With the flexibility of using both horizontal and vertical space in case there is any vertical infrastructure, this solution flexes your available space instantly. It takes just 4 weeks to roll out this system completely.

Social Media like Productivity App: This is what your staff will love. It takes just 1 day to start using it like a pro, unlike the traditional systems that take weeks and months of training. This means onboarding staff is easy and even better for temp staff! The ease of use increases worker productivity – e.g – orchestrated put locations, guided picks just like GPS guided car driving! Our unique pick algorithm delivers 50% faster picks than the traditional methods. Not just this, all users get a detailed view of their heatmaps of activity, areas of improvement etc. for Continuous improvement, again, just like the best-run Warehouse operations but at no additional cost!

Processes: End to end process is closely orchestrated with the worker location and the task at hand as focal points, for overall efficiency. No wonder we managed to reduce the total processing time, end to end from GRN to marshalling and loading, by 60%.

Unique Piece Tracking: Without spending huge amounts on technologies like IoT and sensors, your Horticulture warehouse/DC operations too can achieve piece level tracking, if required. This means you can track at a trolley, an SKU or a plant level, based on your interest, at the same low-cost promise. But the value of tracking every plant or even every trolley throughout the process cannot be overstated.

Paper free: This system saved 30,000 sheets of paper and 3.2 Co2emt of emissions for a large UK Horti garden centre. But equally important is the value of data generated by paperless operations – improved planning, forecast accuracy, revenue growth and operational costs, to an extent that it will transform the way Horti operations are run, as the data is used holistically across various aspects – inventory placement, staff efficiency, roster scheduling and more!!

In addition, you can track expensive equipment like Danish Trolleys including the components, as free functionality of the product, saving Danish Trolley related costs – eg., Returns delayed, lost or misplaced!

So if you are pressed for warehouse space, or need to improve operational efficiency to strengthen your margins or to grow your revenues intelligently, check out STEER Horticulture Supply Chain Platform.

These features of STEER Horticulture Supply Chain Platform can be rolled out in 4 weeks! This system is proven at scale at one of UK’s large Horticulture retailers, demonstrating the dream-like improvements mentioned above.

Reach out to us at supple.ai, or write to us at ask@supple.ai. We can demonstrate how STEER will work for you, and you can even dare us to prove the value with a POC in your operations!

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