Dynamic Supply Chains In The Times That Are A-Changing!

Written by infra

July 30, 2021

Brexit, a Pandemic, what’s next?

Perhaps not since the 1960’s when Bob Dylan penned these lines, “the times they are a changin“, have the words resonated as much as they do now. No one has remained untouched. And hidden from the decibels of the popular media is the impact it has had on all Supply Chains, and on those like us who serve them.

Early in 2020, we were grappling with challenges of Brexit. Deloitte advocated that “Brexit will also require a full review of enterprise systems to reflect all of the supply chain process changes required, additional data to be captured and reporting to be facilitated …”. McKinsey reported that executives at about 50 firms think that “Brexit has injected considerable uncertainty into their supply chains”.

A real case and could we solve the problem?

Our integrated Supply Chain Management solution is used to manage live produce moving from part of Europe to another, and through the logistics and warehouses on the English soil. Come Brexit, this chain is disrupted. The business is faced with all the complicated questions about new and unclear custom laws, additional paper work, and the costs, times and uncertainty it was adding to the transits.

What saved the day for us was a flexible and scalable architecture that allowed us to provide “virtual warehouses” to manage the cross-docking operations on the sea ports. We were able to do the adaptations in a matter of couple of weeks, and business operations continued as usual without a single consignment going amiss or suffer a shipment error.

STEER for Horticulture Supply Chains, forward towards a managing a dynamic Supply Chain. And it can be rolled out in 4 weeks straight!

Reach out to us at supple.ai, or write to us at ask@supple.ai. We can demonstrate how STEER will work for you, and you can even dare us to prove the value with a POC in your operations!

Bob Dylan’s poem fifty odd years ago was really a call to adapt and embrace the change, rather than resisting it. Today, we find ourselves embracing the drastic changes all around us and spotting new ways of doing things with it.

Do enjoy Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin“, and may be interesting read or two about at “Brexit: The bigger picture—Rethinking supply chains in a time of uncertainty” and “The impact of Brexit on your supply chain“.

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