A Customer Case of Data-Driven Efficiencies in Horticulture Operations – a first in the industry!

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November 23, 2021

STEER helps one of the largest logistics providers in the UK to have a control tower view of deliveries, improve operational efficiency, minimize logistical costs and reduce shipment delivery time.

Our client is one of the largest logistics providers in the UK, with over 19,000 people across more than 200 sites and a 3,500-strong fleet of vehicles. This multi award-winning logistics firm provides supply chain services and solutions to some of the world’s most admired brands.


Operations for supply of horticulture goods was being managed on a three decade old legacy system which was heavily paper based and scaling up and automation were a challenges especially during the peak load seasons.


As a market leader with a mandate of continuous improvement, the client was looking for a new system capable of providing visibility, improved efficiencies and automation for Horti fulfilment.


STEER is a cloud-based integrated and automated Horti fulfilment system, with guided WMS, TMS and inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.


Through a series of exploratory sessions and reviews, we delivered STEER despite restrictions posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The client onboarding for STEER, a cloud-based solution, was delivered using remote and virtual technologies. Training, UAT and rollout was achieved within just six weeks.


With the implementation of STEER, the client has been enabled to achieve its mandate of automation, improved stock visibility and availability, reduction of lead times, real time delivery tracking with warehousing and transport models.


  • A simple and intuitive user interface reduced the number of clicks to one-third, and training time to just a few minutes. That leads to 20-30% cost saving due to staff efficiency.
  • Smart Returns planning is able to accurately track expensive equipment used for the movement of horticultural goods, avoiding losses during equipment transfer. These are helping our client save an estimated 15-30% in costs.
  • Complete traceability of Horti, and visibility of equipment at client and supplier locations
  • Comprehensive document management (Load schedules, track header and manifests).
  • Delivery app and real-time delivery tracking status throughout the journey.

We integrate with your ordering channels and enable the automated workflow to store your products and then pick, pack and fulfil each order directly to stores or to your customers.

Solution Modules

STEER Operations is the core platform that integrates orders from all sales channels, and delivers to stores based on planning. This technology solution allows direct deliveries from supplier to store, cross doc delivery operations, and store-and-forward the delivery orders with end to end visibility in real-time. 

STEER Insights enhances control tower view of operations. The data collected by operations brings reporting and analytical capabilities to STEER. AI based Planning engine and automation for returns are key features of STEER insights module.

STEER App, called TANGO, is an Android delivery App for STEER that enables paperless delivery with trolley level scanning and order tracking. STEER also integrates with a TMS solutions through an integration layer to enable paperless workflows with route optimization.

Solution Features

Strategic Transport Planning

This is defined based on order inventory for the week both for Cross-docking or last-mile delivery. Providing same-day and instant delivery services, final mile logistics drive order delivery velocity.

End to End Visibility in an Integrated System

Real-time tracking to gain full visibility into order movements, suppliers and clients are provided with access to an online portal that monitors shipment journey with live status. The order location data is always up to date in STEER.

Transport Management

Allows the client to schedule their shipment, online tracking and asset management. It also gives real-time Clients ETAs based on critical parameters as population density, vehicle type, and capacity, predictive traffic analytics, etc. and many other parameters.

Warehouse Management

One of the key use case is a store and forward scenario with multi day delivery through distribution centres. The final step of the delivery process – from a distribution centre/facility to the end store. At central warehouse facility, our automation provides easy GRN and Pick pack process enabling real-time view and higher operational efficiencies. To deliver orders to consumers, last mile logistics engages their own as well as sub-contractor carriers which are integrated seamlessly.

Strategic Transport Planning

Managing returns from the stores back to the producer is a logistically challenging process. So, we apply an AI-based reverse logistics system (RLS) that will help streamline repair, return, and product reallocation processes.


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